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중국 디지털 혁신의 미래


중국 디지털 혁신의 미래In a relatively short span of time, China has transitioned from a technological backwater to become one of the world’s largest digital economies. On the back of its base of nearly one billion internet users, China’s ecommerce sales grew to $1.7 trillion in 2020, a number that is equivalent to 30 percent of all retail sales in China. But this is not just a story of size. It is, above all, a story of innovation and disruption. In omnichannel retail, social media, on-demand services, mobility, fintech, healthtech, and other domains, the country is developing many “China-first” innovations. In this report, we take a close look at these innovations, and the forces, trends, and technologies that enable them. We then identify six megatrends that are shaping the future of digital innovation in China.

Table of Contents

1) A deep digital consumer base

2) Intense pressure to quickly reach scale

3) A digital ecosystem that fosters innovation

4) The shaping role of government

Force 1: Ecommerce and omnichannel

Force 2: Social commerce

Force 3: The On-Demand Economy

Force 4: Shared mobility

Force 5: Distribution

Force 6: FinTech

Force 7: EdTech

Force 8: HealthTech

Digital innovation megatrend 1: The great retail integration

Digital innovation megatrend 2: The virtualization of services

Digital innovation megatrend 3: The mobility revolution

Digital innovation megatrend 4: Digitization of social life

Digital innovation megatrend 5: Industrial IOT / Supply chain digitization

Digital innovation megatrend 6: Digital urbanization

Question 1: Are you ready to elevate your connected device strategy?

Question 2: How will you build your omnichannel supply chain?

Question 3: How do you manage data and unify customer management?

Question 4: Which assets should you own and which should you share?

Question 5: How much R&D stays in-house versus open collaboration?

Question 6: How do you best provide ubiquitous services?

Question 7: How do you manage risk and governance?

Question 8: How do you reorganize your business structure?


Region : CHINA

Publish Date : 2021

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