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중국 인공지능(AI) 생태계


중국 인공지능(AI) 생태계Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of many emerging technologies at the heart of economic and military competition between the United States and the People’s Republic of China. However, the structural dif- ferences between the two nations create a barrier to understanding the strengths and weaknesses of one another’s systems. This NIU Research Monograph provides an overview of China’s AI industry ecosystem from policies to execution, paying specific attention to key government ministries, private companies, and professional associations that drive industrial growth. After an introduction to the major features of the industry, a summary of AI industry assessments compares the U.S. and Chinese AI ecosystems directly and highlights key strengths and weaknesses inherent in the Chinese model.

Table of Contents

Foundational Plans

Current Plans

Developing Plans


Industrial Base

Education and Academia

Private Companies



Professional Associations and Industry Alliances

Technological Solutions for Epidemic Prevention and Control (EPC)

Privacy amid Pandemic

Major Lines of Effort for EPC

AI Ecosystem’s Effect of COVID-19

Lessons Learned From the Coronavirus Response

Survey of Recent Assessments

Summary and Implications: SWOT Analysis


Region : CHINA

Publish Date : 2020

Language :english

Form : general

Document :pdf

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