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중국 e-모빌리티 산업 현황 보고서


중국 e-모빌리티 산업 현황 보고서China's e-mobility industry and market are providing new investment opportunities for foreign companies. With the rapid growth of the EV industry, the existing automobile industry is transitioning to electrification. This has a positive impact on the further growth of the mobility industry. This report includes cluster maps and landscape of China's e-mobility industry. Based on the information provided in the report, we hope to discover new investment opportunities in the Chinese market.

Table of Contents

Chinese E-Mobility market outlook and investment opportunity

Chinese EV industrial chain overview

E-Mobility industry cluster map

E-mobility Landscape

Phoenix Auto Intelligence : Providing leading telematics solution for automotive industry


Region : CHINA

Publish Date : 2019

Language :english

Form : general

Document :pdf

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