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중국 커피 서베이 리포트(2019)


중국 커피 서베이 리포트(2019)The annual Coffee Survey by CoffeeSalon has become a regular contribution to the development of the Chinese coffee sector. Positive feedback on our last years report from professionals in the field encouraged us to draw up another report this year. This year we received abundant suggestions and support for making the 2019 survey even better.

Table of Contents

1.1 Basic characters (gender, age, education, income)

1.2 Coffee consumption characters

1.3 Coffee consumption preferences

1.4 Why do people love coffee?

1.5 Cafe preferences

1.6 Cafe experience satisfaction

1.7 Interactions

2.1 Basic characters (gender, age, education, work-city)

2.2 Career characters

2.3 Works and skills

2.4 Work atmosphere and attitude

3.1 Basic characters (gender, age, education, previous work)

3.2 Current cafe operations

3.3 Cafe management


Region : CHINA

Publish Date : 2019

Language :english

Form : general

Document :pdf

KRW 1,800,000
Save aid : CoffeeSalon

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